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Video Series: Planning Chester County’s Future Together

Video Series: Planning Chester County’s Future Together

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New and upcoming video series spotlight the Chester County Planning Commission's latest updates on the project “Landscapes 3”.

Chester County Commissioner, Michelle Kichline, said “Growth in Chester County will be 30% over the next 30 years so it is absolutely critical that we plan for an increased amount of residents as well as an increased amount of jobs”

Their focus is on controlling sprawl and keeping Chester County one of the best counties in the country.

From the site:

Learn what makes Chester County special, why we need to protect these treasures, and how we can plan the county’s future together. The four-part video series on planning in Chester County hopes to engage you in the preparation of Landscapes3, the county’s next comprehensive plan.

This looks to be the first of four videos put out from the commission. Check it out and celebrate what makes Chester County special!

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